Scenic Tennessee's 2006-2007 Photo Contest

Viewing History:
Celebrating the Scenic Character of Tennessee's Historic Places

Scenic Tennessee's partner in the 2006-2007 photo contest was the Tennessee Preservation Trust ( The Trust's then-director Patrick McIntyre saw this collaboration as an opportunity for Tennesseans "to recognize that each neighborhood or community has unique, important historic places. While these resources may not be famous, publicly accessible, fully restored or officially protected, they represent the treasured landmarks of a locale."

The objectives of the Viewing History contest were to:

  • Celebrate Tennessee’s historical richness.
  • Show the extent to which historic sites add depth, interest and meaning to Tennessee’s scenic beauty.
  • Honor the preservation ethic and its role in safeguarding Tennessee’s historical, cultural and scenic heritage.

The contest's judges were:

  • Susan Whitaker, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development
  •  Joy McKenzie, Chair, Department of Photography, Watkins College of Art & Design
  • Patrick McIntyre, Executive Director, Tennessee Historical Commission  

Viewing History: Adult Professional Division

Viewing History, Adult Amateur Division

Viewing History, High School Division

Viewing History: Middle School Division

Viewing History, Special Category: The Case for Historic Preservation